Zombie(s) grouped in the Paranormal with Ghosts and Doppelgangers, zombies are not so much a Paranormal phenomenon as they are a cultural phenomenon. With rare exception, writers of the horror genre have portrayed them as instruments of necromancy (the raising of the dead)–mummies sans bandages, sometimes with a slimming carnivorous diet, stumbling about under the influence of demons and Curses. Science fiction writers, on the other hand, have plundered every conceivable biomedical cause leading to the contagion that gives rise to legions of zombies. If there is even a shred of truth to the phenomenon of zombies, it is probably in the spirit of the horror genre, in which quite living (not dead) individuals are drugged and placed in a suggestible condition so that their will and actions may be controlled: the combined effect of a truth serum and hypnosis.
Zombie enthusiasts would be quick to point out that any account of reanimation by “magic” is, technically, a voodoo zombie. In fact, the word “zombie” is speculated to have been derived from several possible West Indian and African terms, all with meanings having to do with the spirit of the dead or the soul of a living person. One variation, the zombie astral, is purported to be a living human’s soul commandeered by an evil sorcerer. This kind of similarity between a zombie and a Ghost’s wandering soul is perhaps the only connection that justifies inclusion of zombies in the vernacular of modern Paranormal investigating.