The Belle of Louisville


According to various online sources, the Belle is supposedly haunted by a former Captain named Ben Winters who died on board from a heart attack. Workers have also died in both the engine room and by the paddlewheel. One of these men was crushed to death when a piece of machinery was turned on by accident, and the other man was killed while conducting maintenance on the paddlewheel because it went into motion. Ghostly activity has been known to occur in these areas, primarily in the morning hours when just the workers are around. When new people begin working on the Belle of Louisville, they are told that they may potentially experience paranormal activity.
If they do, they are allowed to talk about it amongst themselves, but no official record can be released due to fear of scaring people away. Due to this policy, no official record of a haunting has ever been released to the public.
The steamboat’s name may be part of the reason for the ghost of Captain Winters’ displeasure. The boat was originally called the Idlewild but was renamed to the Avalon on his deathbed, as his final request. However, there is no proof to confirm or deny these claims.