The Devil’s Chair


Many of the original Cassadaga spiritualists are buried about a mile up the road in the Lake Helen cemetery. Each Halloween, guards must be posted at the cemetery to ward off outside pranksters and curiosity seekers looking for goblins. One of the big evil attractions at the cemetery has always been the sinister “Devil’s Chair.” According to the stories, if you sit in this big, brick chair at midnight, the Devil will communicate to you. The Prince of Darkness also enjoys a cold beer once in awhile, for I’m told that if you place an unopened can of beer on the chair it will be empty the next morning. He’s probably a pretty thirsty fellow after working in all that fire and brimstone. I went to see the chair and thought it looked more like a big brick barbecue pit sitting next to a grave. Actually, there are three such brick chairs, so it is a little confusing trying to figure out which is El Diablo’s. I sat in all of them, but I didn’t hear the Devil say anything.. maybe because it was broad daylight, or because I didn’t leave him a beer. Over the years, the legend of the devil’s chair has evolved. But even if you don’t make a deal with the devil, you might still rue the day you took a seat. If you sit in one of these chairs, depending on where you live or what story you’ve heard, you will: *Die during the coming year *Die before a certain birthday *Hear the crying of a baby or scream of a woman *Make a deal with the devil