Paul Residence


The family had contacted us in regards to paranormal activity they have been experiencing. Upon our arrival we sat down with the family and interviewed each of them to find out what they have heard, felt, seen, witnessed, and experienced.
Some of the claims are seeing shadows, the feelings of being watched, the feeling of something going to get them, the father being held down in the bed at night and then the feeling of something touching him in his private areas and when he looks there is nothing there and looks over to see his wife fast asleep. He claims that he is seeing faces every where, he feels like something is trying to take over his body like a possession.
Upon interviewing the children with the parents permission, Brian who is 13 yrs. old has mentioned he has noticed he is angry a lot more while he is in the home, but once he leaves it subsides, he does not like to be home alone, when he goes down the hallway he has the feeling of something watching him and he gets an uneasy feeling like he needs to run.
Allison who is 9 yrs. old feels comfortable in the home most of the time, she mentioned she has seen a tall man that looks like a shadow, when she is in the bathroom she feels like there is something watching her.
Emily who is 7 yrs. old says there are times when she is playing in her room she will see her breath (cold spots), she has been pinched on the leg, she has a hard time going to the bathroom alone because she feels like she is being watched and that something is going to get her.
Once we have interviewed the family we got them out of the house and set up our equipment and let things roll. It wasn’t long after we started to go around and try to debunk the claims that was made, On most of the claims we were unable to find a scientific explanation for. As the night progressed and with the evidence that was captured and the things that was heard and felt we was dealing with something Demonic, as well as Poltergeist, but that was not all we was also dealing with the Succubus & Incubus. We wanted to try our own test in theory of a logical explanation for the Succubus & Incubus, we used a ghost box (spirit box) for our session, and it told us that it wanted 1 boy & 1 girl and said what it wanted them 2 to do, the 2 people that was chosen was me (Amy) & Matt (Investigator), it didn’t take maybe 5 minutes to realize that they were in fact dealing with both the Succubus & Incubus.
Our investigation lasted 8 1/2 hours, we ran 4 digital recorders, and 4 IR Camera’s and we took over 450 pictures.