Muns Residence


We was called in because this family was being attacked by something unseen. They have eight children between them and each of them was experiencing something. The claims are shadows, apparitions, voices, screams, scratches, the feeling of being watched, things being moved, objects being thrown, extreme mood changes, and anger.
We called in a world re-nouned demonologist to come out and walk-through the house and give us their input. Once the initial walk-through was complete we learned that we was dealing with a poltergeist, demon, and many, many spirits. There was a portal that was opened and everything was coming through. The poltergeist was caused by one of the young girls who was under a significant amount of stress.
After multiple investigations and the help of the demonologist we  were able to cleanse and rid their home of all the spirits and negativity.
A few weeks later we learned that everything started back up. After looking into this case more we had learned that the parents were dabbing into black magic and was summoning these dark entities. We have tried to help this family but unfortunately we can’t help them if they don’t want the help.
We have called in the Demonologist and asked them to perform an exorcism but at the last minute the clients refused.