My name is Amy, I have been able to see, hear and speak to the dead since I was very young. I come from a long line of gifted women in my family. I have learned over the years that this gift is not a curse but a blessing. I take my gift and help people. I decided in 2006 to create a group to help people who are experiencing paranormal phenomena and help provide them with the answers.


My name is Troy, I have always been a skeptic and never believed in the paranormal until I had an experience that made me question everything. We was investigating a cemetery and Amy (my wife) hear chanting coming from our right when we went over, there was nothing there but we still heard the sound. I had a feeling that I needed to take a picture to my left and when I did I caught an apparition of a woman sitting on a tombstone holding a red book with red high heels on. I went to investigate and there was nothing there nor was there anything there that could have caused something like that to appear.


My name is Nicholas I'm 19 Years old. My parents are Amy and Troy. I was brought up in the paranormal field and have had a lot of paranormal experiences. I prefer to stay behind on all the investigations and help out with the evidence.


My name is Autumn, I'm 16 years old. My parents are Amy and Troy. I have been investigating with them since I was about 5 years old. I have had experiences most of my life, some good and some not. Some things I can explain while others I can't. I enjoy helping people.


My name is Mike Murphy. I'll be turning 50 in February of 2021. I am the father of twin girls that will be turning 30 next year and i am getting married later this year. A few of my hobbies include photography, wood working, playing guitar and most importantly spending time with my granddaughter. My interest in the paranormal started when i was 13 years old. I was staying in a house that a few unexplainable things happened. The one that sticks with me the most were the footsteps walking down the hall and into my room. I have been curious and fascinated ever since.

STEVIE RAINE - Clairvoyant / Investigator / Researcher

Since childhood I have had experiences that others around me did not, that seemed to be without explanation. I see the past, present and future through visions and dreams. I see others in the room that no one else can see. I feel unstuck in time and have spent my life trying to understand my gifts; to cultivate empathy and clarity from my experiences. I am clairvoyant and psychic, a professional singer and multi-instrument musician, an artist and writer. I have three degrees in Music, Literature and Philosophy and would love to finish my grad work and PHD in Cosmology. My understanding of metaphysics grew exponentially when I initiated onto my path and began practicing intentional Magick after college. My mother is painter and psychic, has dreams and visions. My father was a psychedelic guitar player and Magician. I also have a gift for divination, which runs much farther back in my genetic history. I prefer to divine using books/text, the radio and I have a special resonance with the Yi Jing. I do dream work every night; practicing dream sharing, astral travel and much more. My life is woven with and dedicated to the supernatural and it is my joy and pleasure to learn and share these experiences with anyone who is ready to see.


I grew up loving Halloween, horror films and spooky music. I was somewhat of a skeptic til I had some experiences. I lived in an old apt building in Hollywood California. I had two roommates. I always felt a presence there like I was being watched. I would hear things and lights would flicker but I realize that could be just the old building but I saw something in the mirror one time that was very hard to explain. I spoke to my roommates and they were shocked that I brought this up and said they noticed some things there also. I am a believer now. That was in the 90's. I haven't experienced anything since.


My Interest began when I was 12 years old. I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of a hammer hitting chisel 3 times. (which my brothers claim they also heard) as I looked around my room, I saw a white mist forming into a male figure. He reached out took my bible from my desk and read aloud “man shall not live by bread alone”. He then started toward me. I closed my eyes and screamed. When I opened them he was gone. Some see this as a religious experience, which it could be but for me it was the beginning of a wanting to know. Over the years I have had some encounters with what I believe to be spirits and it has piqued my interest in finding answers. When I saw your ad for someone to review videos, I saw this as my opportunity to learn more about the paranormal from someone who has been working in the field.