Gray/Oberting Residence

Louisville, KY.

CASE # 01-29-12-PR-GO-005


We got called in to help this family. They are experiencing paranormal activity that they can’t explain. People are getting touched, hearing voices, scratched, feeling like they are being watched. This family is looking for answers because it has disrupted their home life.


There is no photo evidence.



We found that there was some activity but nothing threatening, however it’s intelligent. We discovered that we were getting temperature readings in every part of the house, with the owners permission we cut the power to the house. Our finding were interesting, we were still getting readings all over the house. Based on everything our Founder Amy did a Psychic walk-through and discovered that the home has a portal. We presented all the information to the client and they asked if we could close the portal. Since the portal closing and cleansing the family has not had any other activity.