Alien Big Cats

Alien Big Cats (ABC) are also known as Phantom Cats or shortened to ABC & are large cats such as panthers, jaguars and cougars reported to be living wild in countries to which they are not native. Sightings of large cats in countries such as Great Britain have prompted investigations and significant media interest however mainstream acceptance is still reluctant with the phenomenon falling more in to the realm of cryptozoology and pseudoscience.


It is believed that some sightings of large cats in the wild can be attributed to owners of exotic pets releasing them due to increasing costs or license requirements introduced by new laws such as the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976 which targeted exotic pet owners in the UK. Animals that have escaped from zoos and wildlife parks could also account for some sightings.

Other sightings

Other countries in which large cats have been sighted include Australia, Denmark and New Zealand. Big cat or ‘beast’ legends are quite widespread and it is thought that populations of exotic cats could exist in the wilds of several countries across Europe and in the United States.