Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction is the phenomenon in which an individual believes they have been ‘taken’ by Extra-Terrestrials (E.T.) and examined. Abductees often experience other phenomena such as a U.F.O. sightings prior to the abduction, periods of missing time, dreams, night terrors and explainable marks or scratches found on their body.

Abduction Experiences

Some abductees recall being abducted during the day from their home, their car or even from their bed at night while others only recall the experience after it has happened via dreams, visions or hypnotic regression. Many experiences involve sightings of figures, alien entities or a presence in the room before, after or during the encounter. During the experience the individual typically recalls being laid down on an operating table or other surface and examined thoroughly and often intimately while unable to move, speak or react to what is happening. In rare cases such as the Barney and Betty Hill abduction case there can be interaction between the abductee and the entities involved. Most abduction incidents end with the abductee returned to the same location they were taken from with their memory wiped of the incident.

Physical or Psychological?

There is considerable controversy regarding the whole abduction phenomenon – many psychologists now believe abduction is a psychological, rather than a physical experience. One theory is that the phenomenon of sleep paralysis or Waking Dream may account for some abduction experiences, in particular those that occur during the night when the person wakes from sleep. The feeling of a presence in the room coupled with the inability to move would be consistent with this idea.